The MUN and Debate club aims at creating well aware and responsible citizens of the nation. In today’s global village it is imperative for students to think critically about all the major issues impacting the world at large. Each year the debate club deliberates on various topics such as, “Impact of terrorism on world peace”, “Deliberation on the article 370 of the constitution”, “Responsibility of media in the current age” etc. The debate club students also attend various National and International Model United Nations within the country. Many students have brought accolades to the school in a number of prestigious MUNs and Conclaves. The school organizes an annual MUN/Youth Conclave which hosts nearly 250 students from prominent neighbouring schools. Students of a particular class congregate to discuss a topic they have learnt in the class to great lengths and invite their immediate junior class for a students’ CONGRESS as the audience. Presentations are done in the form of demonstrations, talks, enactments and experiments. This helps the younger ones to have a thorough knowledge of the topic whilst the ones who do the presentation get the opportunity to master the subject..


The school environment club has been the driving force behind all environmental and sustainable activities at the school. It is a wonderful way for the young people to develop a sense of ownership, school pride, adding to the community spirit. It gives students a real sense of responsibility for their place of learning and helps students develop their personal skills. Through different activities, they become more articulate, more confident, more creative. The students are involved in many long term and short term activities throughout the year. The club organizes Plantation drives and waste management campaigns wherein the club members spread awareness to reduce, reuse and recycle. Conservation of energy and global warming, saving the endangered animals and sustainable development are some of the most important topics addressed by the Club.