Principal’s Message

From Principal’s Desk

Mrs.Rina Singh

Dear Parents,

Our School ethos revolve around the mantra- ‘Leadership’ which also happens to be a part of the vision statement of the school. We instill leadership qualities in every child such that each child has a story of his own- a leadership story; a story about change, a story that redefines every child of this school.

However, the pertinent point which I want to emphasize upon is that, for any form of leadership to happen one must remember the five leadership DNA. ‘Authenticity’- which is reducing the gap between you and reality.  ‘Productivity’- which is minimizing the interference and is an art of ‘undoing’. ‘Learnability’– a mind space that will create the right mindset. ‘Connectivity’– the power of resonance. Finally, ‘Possibility’– i.e. shaping the future through creative silence.

Perhaps, the most important factor of all leadership mantras would be the power of the mind and how you control it.

In our school, through multi-faceted programmes and activities that we have been trying to do, children manifest the various aspects of this leadership. The students in the school simply do not do an activity or participate in programmes for merely the face value of it; what is taught to them is how to knit and weave a story of their own life.

Children discover the joy of learning here , and that is why today G.D. Goenka Public School is Known to be among the Best Schools in Ghaziabad



Rina Singh