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Our Curriculum – Effortless Learning Programme (ELP)

The ELP at G D Goenka Public School is a well researched programme, embracing the philosophy, guidelines, approaches and methodologies of Dr. Maria Montessori, Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence, CBSE And CBSE-i.

We apply the theory of Multiple Intelligences and Maxims of Teaching to prepare our children to embrace a multi-faceted world. Our philosophy is, ‘The more ways we teach, the more we reach.’

The framework of our curriculum is based on these goals:

  • Each child is unique and the aim is on the wholesome development of the child
  • To develop sensory-motor skills in order to sharpen the ability to discriminate and judge
  • to build up a strong foundation of concepts according to age-appropriate topics
  • To enable children to learn how to learn and apply what they learn to new contexts is order to be competent to face the variety of challenges they encounter in life
  • To develop critical thinking to face the challenges of today’s world
  • To enable children to become lifelong learners through developing positive attitudes towards learning and the ability to learn independently

ELP At Pre – Primary School

ELP for the Pre-Primary is child-centric, which encourages active learning through exploration and play. It introduces children to literacy, numerical concepts, EVS and Life Skills that encourage them to sense, observe, investigate, connect and conclude.

ELP At Primary School (I-V)

This is a detailed and structured framework of content, designed to meet each child’s Ability, Aptitude and Learning Skills. It is comprehensive, flexible and equips children with knowledge and skills.

ELP At Senior School (VI-X)

This offers an extensive learning experience by adopting well-researched teaching practices and multimedia technology. Strong emphasis is a laid on preparing children to meet academic fulfilment and personal aspirations, catering to different needs and interests of children.

ELP At Senior Secondary School (XI-XII)

It is based on the 21st century pedagogy, and gives equal importance to both what the children learn and how they learn, thus deepening their understanding  and perspectives. It is interdisciplinary and bridges contextual learning and project learning. Children acquire the ability to make fundamental connections, think critically and act wisely.