Ad mad jingle competition | Top CBSE School in Ghaziabad
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June 7, 2019
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Ad mad jingle competition


A perfect ‘ad’ and your product is sold.”

These words seem quite easy to instruct but it becomes difficult to bring in process. Preparing an advertisement for a product involves principles of Management which includes qualities like team work, creativity, imagination, choice of product etc.

An Inter House Competition “ADVERT MANIAC: AD MAD JINGLE COMPETITION” was organized by Vivekananda House on Thursday, 09.05.2019 for the students of grades III-V in the School Auditorium to bring all the management qualities together in one room. Enthusiastic students made creative and intellectual advertisements which were appreciated by our respected principal ma’am Ms. Vandana Midha who complemented the efforts of the students.

Children participated earnestly and everyone showed the will to win. Results were declared class wise on the basis of creativity, originality of ideas, appropriateness of language, ability to attract audience’s attention and overall presentation. The entire event was a wonderful learning experience not only for participants but for the audience as well.