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Adolescent Workshops


The process of growing up brings with it many challenges for adolescents and children. We, at G D Goenka Public School, Rajnagar Extension realize and recognize the issues faced by our students and have been empowering students through various initiatives to help them overcome these tribulations. Various workshops encompassing ‘Adult Education Programme’ and ‘Graceful growing for Adolescents’ have been initiated and are well-liked by students..

In pursuit of this goal, yet another session of workshops addressing the physical, emotional and social changes in adolescence was conducted separately for boys and girls of VI-VIII.

Dr. Bhavna Barmi – Clinical , Child and Organisational Psychologist conducted the session for the girls for creating awareness and dealing with various issues related to adolescence.

Dr. Sanjeev Arora– Eminent Public Speaker, Career Counsellor, Behavioral Counsellor, Corporate Trainer and Consultant addressed the boys in another session.

The sessions at the workshop encompassed discussions on physical, emotional and social changes during adolescence. These sessions were participatory, encouraging the participants to voice their opinions, share the challenges and provide suggestions during the workshop.

Various issues like puberty, physical changes, coping with distractions, mood swings etc. were discussed wherein children shed their inhibitions and openly sought solutions to the challenges faced by them.