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UPDATE : 13/01/2020

Deposition of Fee

Quarterly fee applicable  on 15th of  Respective Quarter Month
i.e 15th April, 15th July, 15th Oct & 15th Jan

Composite Fee Structure 2020-21 -Quarterly

Pre Nursery : Rs.27750/-
Nur to 12th : 47500/-

Transport Fee : Quarterly 

To Be Uploaded Soon



Dear Parents,

Subject: The UP Fixation of fee ordinance, 2018.

The following is the gist of rules to be followed for fixation of fee as per UP ordinance no 6 of 2018. The purpose of the ordinance is to define quantum of fee revision each year.

The following fee head classification has been allowed in ordinance:

S.NO                     Head                Our Status
i  Prospectus and Registration fee Paid at the time of Admission
ii Admission fees Paid at the time of Admission
iii Examination fee Only for Board Classes
Iv Composite Annual fee This is single head for all kind of regular fee. (Divided into 04 equal quarter)
v Transport Optional
vi Boarding Facility not available
vii Mess or dining Optional
viii Excursions Optional
ix Any other similar activity Optional
x Refundable Security-caution money Paid at the time of Admission

Ordinance has specified a formula for school to revise its fee annually. Formula is summarized as below:

  1. A. Fee structure of 2015-16 as the base year and calculated on following:
  2. Average percentage per capita increase of monthly salary of teaching staff of previous year.
  3. Latest available yearly percentage increase in consumer price index plus five percent.

A calculation chart explaining the fee for 2018-19 on the basis of conditions as above is part of this circular.

Please note that the fee for 2018-19 as being declared in this circular is subject to following conditions.

  • Approval of revised fee by the school management committee in the next meeting.
  • The UP ordinance no 6 of 2018 being converted to act by UP Legislative assembly with in six months of this ordinance coming in force.

Please note that the calculations are quite complex and it is not humanly possible for us to attend individual telephonic /visit /query on the subject.

Taking 15-16 as base year and & CPI + 5% increase

Class Fee p.m for 15-16 CPI + 5% increase in previous year Fee p.m for 16-17 CPI + 5% increase in previous year Fee p.m for 17-18 CPI + 5% increase in previous year Fee p.m for 18-19
Nur-XII 11333 4.43 + 5% 12402 4.83 +5% 13622 3.89 +5 % 14833


# Kindly note: we are taking CPI + 5% because our salary increase is more than CPI + 5%.