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Principal Interview Questions

Parents tend to identify schools as a good school or not so good school. What would be your suggestion when selecting a school as a good school?

It is my heartfelt opinion that a school is not just a physical conglomeration of buildings and infrastructure. To the contrary, education then is a perfect amalgamation of the various experiences that contribute to the overall development of inherent potential of each child. Keeping this in mind, choosing a good school is tantamount to choosing a good education for one’s child. One then should choose the School that caters to not just the specific abilities of one’s child but a school that respects the specific abilities of each child… a school that respects the individuality of each student even as it prepares them to become a successful component of society as a whole.

As a principal, how would you integrate technology with traditional pedagogy without overexposing students to the bitter side of internet?

Much has been spoken about the bane and boon of technology in today’s world, using ironically the tools of technology itself! I then as a principal would definitely want my students to reap the benefits of the internet and the huge body of free information that it brings along with it, without the obvious side effects of over-exposure and dependency. To this end I would undertake the responsibility of ensuring that my students have access to the best online educational resources that promote rather than inhibit further thinking.  I will pay special attention to the training if the teaching staff so as to enable them to use those resources and disperse the information to the student community in the most effective and child friendly manner.

How do teachers inculcate ‘learning in a fun way’ without compromising with the syllabus of the senior students?

There are two very important aspects that make human learning possible, one: the availability of resources and an environment that make learning possible and two: an unswerving commitment to the desire to learn. I’m firmly of the opinion, that one can only travel so far on a road that has no element of joy in it. And there can be no real joy, where there is no real learning, for that would be akin to stagnation of the mind itself. Once these concepts are clear, learning itself becomes joyful with no end in mind but the pursuit of learning itself… the beginning of the seed of selfless service planted in the heart, mind and every action of the future citizens of the world, our students!

As a parent and as a head of a school, how would you address the security concerns that recently have been dwelling among the parents?

There are a set of golden rules that are so simple that they never loose their validity: safety first, work second and play third. If we as teachers, parents and the administrative heads of the educational institutions of schools drill these simple tented into our children’s mind and make each one of us equally responsible caretakers, constantly vigilant and alert, what a safe world we could provide for each child, for our child. Having said that, I as s principal undertake to have the best security systems and practises in place to ensure that our student communitie’s safety is never compromised.

You have seen the generations changing, one advice you would give to this new energetic, all-rounder generation that they should stick by to?
Let me start by saying, it gives me the greatest pleasure to see the progress of the world as a whole and this generation in particular. I therefore wish this generation a future not just bright with possibilities and achievements but also a life closer to nature’s bounty and connected to the joys of being human. And in this wish I put all the blessings of the past, the prayers of the present and the hopes of the future, a wish that is not just for a generation in the making but for a generation that makes a better future possible.