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Sports does not build character. It reveals it.

G D GOENKA PUBLIC SCHOOL GHAZIABAD offers its students a wide variation in the field of Physical Education, encouraging children to be more involved in sports and hold the spirit of sportsmanship.


Goenkans Believe!!


With each flight of the shuttle; the player learns to fly as high as he can to achieve his dream.

Lawn Tennis

Tennis is best played and not watched. You play till you win.


It is a game of angles. The worse you do the more you need to win and when you do your best you become the most confident you can ever be.


It is a lifelong game. You continue to learn as you live life.


Life is a soccer field, don’t you think?
You just need to kick the ball right into the enemy’s area and achieve success.


“Hard work is like swimming. Once you learn the stroke, you never forget it.”
The pool at G D Goenka is a complete indoor pool with clean blue water and special attention given to the maintenance of hygiene and one to one learning, for the swimmers.


Cricket teaches to play until you can sustain it’ and win not as an individual but a team.


It needs just the amount of concentration you have to constantly give in to your goals.

Table tennis

Table tennis is like an atom. To the ignorant, it is merely microscopic and insignificant in existence, but to the dedicated it is intricate in design and the building block to everything we know.


Self- Defence classes are to follow the dictum of nature “what cannot defend itself shall not be defended.” There is a big shift in the world with women being exploited when they are out of their secure premises. Hence Self -Defence is taught to the female students along with the male, especially to make them stronger physically.

At G D GOENKA, we believe in incorporating a dedication towards sports in every sportsperson.

Our school consists of some exhilarating academies that guide the future of our school to become the future of SPORTS. Two of the most rigorously working academies established here are:

  1. The Cricket academy.  
  2. The Football academy.

Opening Soon in the school are:

  1. Basketball Academy
  2. The Lawn Tennis academy.

There has been an active involvement of aspiring students joining in, on the academies. Our sports faculty consists of State Level, specialized and professional coaches.

A school team has also been formed for different sports competitions and are competing both at the State and National levels:

 1. State level Girls Basketball Team.

 2. State level Boys athletic Team.

  • We also have a Table Tennis National Champion with a Gold Medal.
  • State level players for cricket have also been selected

All have brought many laurels to the School proving the fact that GD Goenka Raj Nagar Extension Ghaziabad is no doubt a school par excellence.

Some other special  facilities provided to the students are:

  1. Gymnasium
  2. Indoor courts
  3. Squash room
  4. Snooker
  5. Chess
  6. Carrom boards.

Along with academics we encourage students to participate in the extracurricular activities both actively and enthusiastically. We believe that sports bring out the real character of a person, and